I am trying to concatenate three fields into one using Python with the rjust padding function.

My function in the code box is the following:

def AutoSchluessel(gmk, zae, nen):
       return "{}0{}{}".format(gmk, str(zae).rjust(7,"0"), str(nen).rjust(5,"0")) 

And the Expression is:

flcode = AutoSchluessel( !gmkgcode!, !zaehler!, !nenner!)

What i am getting is for the fields is the following result:

gmkgcode = 5902; zaehler = 32; nenner = 17

flcode = 5902.0000032.0017.0

It should in my opinion though result in something without points (59020000003200017). What am I missing?


You need to force the number to not having any decimal digits. Adding int() will solve the problem I think. If the field that holds the original numbers has type of double, it is better to round the number to whole number before add int() function to them.

Here is a code that worked for me, but I tested it on two fields not three fields, as in your case, but you can add another field in the same way:

def AutoSchluessel(x,y):
    return "{0}{1}".format(str(int(round(x,0))).rjust(10,"0"), str(int(round(y,0))).rjust(12,"0"))

I have 2 Fields X = 246715.91 and Y = 4172742.24

After running the above code, I got 0000246716000004172742 (The desired output)

Without int(), I got the same results as yours 00246716.00004172742.0, which is incorrect

  • Thanks! Yes, my bad, the input fields indeed were "Double" which I didn't even check because it makes no sense as there will only be integers in them. @PolyGeo: I marked this as the accepted answear as the code improvements are shown here as well.
    – Matze
    Jun 9 '17 at 10:28

Your Python code seems valid because when I run:

def AutoSchluessel(gmk, zae, nen):
       return "{}0{}{}".format(gmk, str(zae).rjust(7,"0"), str(nen).rjust(5,"0"))

gmk = 5902
zae = 32
nen = 17

flcode = AutoSchluessel(gmk, zae, nen)

print flcode

it prints out 59020000003200017

If your three input fields are integer then I would expect the same result within the field calculator.

However, if one of those fields is a float or double then I could imagine the points being introduced.

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