I have data from City of New York

Instead of file showing Latitude Longitude it shows XY coordinate.

Please clarify, does XY coordinate refer to shapefile (which was not included), whereas Latitude Longitude references points on a globe?

  • Please edit your question to include a sample of your data – Midavalo Jun 9 '17 at 15:41
  • The x and y ordinates in that dataset are referring to the location of the point, as you would expect latitude and longitude to. However in this case, the dataset uses a difference coordinate system. It's not clear to me (I'm from the U.K.) which coordinate reference system the data is using but my guess would be some version of nad83 – firefly-orange Jun 9 '17 at 15:42
  • What is in the prj file? – Ian Turton Jun 9 '17 at 15:45

After looking at your provided data, reading up the technical standards for spatial data of NYC and browsing through applicable gcs in QGIS, i was able to find something. Checked it with OSM-Map in QGIS. The red dots are your data aka graffito-locations and their conditions in NYC.

NYC Graffio-Locations NAD_1983_StatePlane_New_York_Long_Island_FIPS_3104_Feet

ESRi WKID:102718 aka EPSG:2263

  • Try adding the CSV as textlayer. Separator is comma ' , '
  • Define x-coordinate as x and y-coordinate as y ;)
  • Uncheck gms-coords (red circle)
  • After confirmation define the GCS with EPSG: 2263 QGIS 'Add text as layer'-window

AND finally answering your question: The provided x/y-coords-pairs are representing points in a projected coordinate system (here WKID:102718 EPSG: 2263) with cartesian axes.

P.S.: Please note that i'm not from the US, so any additonal insight on nyc gcs is welcome.

  • Very thorough answer! – Rhonda Jun 9 '17 at 17:51
  • Actual EPSG wkid is 2263. 102718 is an older Esri wkid for the same CRS. – mkennedy Jun 12 '17 at 22:57
  • @mkennedy thanks for your insight! Funny thing QGIS is holding the ESRI WKID (proprietary) as EPSG (ESRI WKID ≠ EPSG) – Nightwatch Jun 13 '17 at 8:43
  • Out of date, probably! It's hard to keep track of the wkid changes. – mkennedy Jun 13 '17 at 13:43

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