I am trying to visualize live data that is updated every 5 seconds coming from a GeoJSON layer served by GeoServer.

What is the best way to do this on Cesium?

I saw that the GeoJsonDatasources in Cesium is intended only for static data, does this mean I have to convert my GeoJSON to CZML to be able to use the CzmlDataSource or it's a better choice to build a custom datasource and update the entities using the GeoJSON layer that is being served by GeoServer?


CZML works best when you know multiple points in time all at once, for example if you have received telemetry for a flight path, or have a mission plan set in the future, and you have a set of time-tagged geo locations that can be combined into a single CZML stream.

But, if you're stuck just polling for live data every so often, then you really just have a set of "static" points (frequently updated ones, perhaps, but not ones that have a time-ordered list of locations). In that case, CZML can't buy you much, and you're probably just as well polling for GeoJSON.

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