I have the following problem:

I have 2 vector layers from PostGIS datastores: "firepoints" and "threats". The corresponding tables "firepoints" and "threats" have IDs and other attributes. They are related via a foreign key "id_firepoint" in "threats" table. One threat can have multiple firepoints, but one firepoint can have only one threat.

What I need to do is to filter WMS layers in Openlayers using CQL filters: first I want to filter the "firepoints" layer using some attribute ("satellite", for example) and then apply the derived IDs to filter "threats" layer using the "id_firepoint" attribute.

The problem is that I don't know how to derive the list of IDs of filtered "firepoints".

I have tried using the Cross-layer filtering with "querylayer" module, but I don't think that I understood how to use it correctly.

This is the filter that I try to apply to the "GSS:threats" layer:

id_firepoint IN queryCollection('GSS:firepoints','id','satellite = AQUA')

Is there any way to filter a layer related to another layer using dynamically changing attributes?


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