I'm using MapBox GL JS and the mapbox-gl-draw plugin in a simple MapBox map .... here you're the code ...

    <meta charset='utf-8' />
    <meta name='viewport' content='initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1,user-scalable=no' />
    <script src='https://api.tiles.mapbox.com/mapbox-gl-js/v0.38.0/mapbox-gl.js'></script>
    <link href='https://api.tiles.mapbox.com/mapbox-gl-js/v0.38.0/mapbox-gl.css' rel='stylesheet' />

    <!-- *** References for MapBox GL Draw ... -->
    <script src='https://api.mapbox.com/mapbox-gl-js/plugins/mapbox-gl-draw/v0.18.0/mapbox-gl-draw.js'></script>
    <link rel='stylesheet' href='https://api.mapbox.com/mapbox-gl-js/plugins/mapbox-gl-draw/v0.18.0/mapbox-gl-draw.css' type='text/css'/>

        body { margin:0; padding:0; }
        #map { position:absolute; top:0; bottom:0; width:100%; }

<div id='map'></div>
mapboxgl.accessToken = '<PUT_YOUR_KEY_HERE>';
var map = new mapboxgl.Map({
    container: 'map', // container id
    style: 'mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v9', //stylesheet location
    center: [-74.50, 40], // starting position
    zoom: 9 // starting zoom

// *** Add zoom and rotation controls to the map ...
//      osm_map.addControl(new mapboxgl.Navigation({position: 'bottom-left'}));
map.addControl(new mapboxgl.NavigationControl());

// *** Add the draw control to the map ...
var draw = new MapboxDraw({
    displayControlsDefault: false,
    controls: {
        point: true,
        trash: true
map.addControl(draw, 'top-left');



When the user click / edit a point on the map I'd like to set the map center at the lat / lon coordinates of the edited point.

Suggestions / examples?


Check out the Events for Mapbox GL Draw at https://github.com/mapbox/mapbox-gl-draw/blob/master/API.md#events

You can use it like this:

map.on('draw.create', function (e) {
  if (e.features.length && e.features[0].geometry.type == 'Point') {
    var center = e.features[0].geometry.coordinates;
    map.easeTo({center: center});


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