I'm trying to upgrade my QGIS to the latest Testing (2.99) version via a complete reinstall.

I did this before by removing it first using

 sudo apt-get remove qgis* grass*

But now, I can get past this first step because I encounter an error saying something like:

E: Unable to locate package qgis-examples

, and there is a similar error about not being able to locate grassdata from apt-get. This prevents anything including a apt-get install -s. I've tried to revert back to a much earlier OSGeo Live VM (10.5) back in April/2017 when it was first released. Still, the same errors occur.

I don't understand how this could have happened. I've removed qgis and grass before without an issue (and had an older version of QGIS 2.99 successfully installed).

Has anyone encountered a similar issue when removing qgis, or know a fix for this error?

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