I am trying to calculate the costpath from a location (polygon) to a point dataset using QGIS. I found two tools (r.cost.raster & accumulated cost (isotropic)), which both would work, if I would use only raster datasets. Unfortunatly one of my Datasets is a polygon so I can't use these tools. Any ideas how I could work around this problem?

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You have to use PyQGIS for that, here is an example:

# define the point 
pt = QgsPoint(572470.29638,191838.143182) 
pt =  QgsGeometry.fromPoint(pt)

# get the active polygon 
layer = qgis.utils.iface.activeLayer() 
polygon = layer.getFeatures().next() 
geom = polygon.geometry()

# do the business     
distanceToPolygon = QgsGeometry.distance(pt, geom) 
print distanceToPolygon

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