I have 40,000 house points that is mapped in GIS and another layer with all the amenities around the area. I am trying to find the number points of interests (POI) within a buffer of 500m from each house point.

How do I do that analysis it in ArcGIS so that it is exported into a table format - showing each house ID and the number of POI from a 500m buffer.

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  1. Buffer points - dissolve = none: enter image description here
  2. Spatial Join enter image description here
  3. Notice that ArcGIS has added the first field in the list 'Join_Count'. This will record how many POIs intersect the Buffers. The attribute table of the spatial join output will have all your attributes from the points, as well as the join count.
  4. Export the spatial join result to excel and clean up the table.

Here is the table from my final spatial join output with the Join_Count field populated:

enter image description here


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