I started making a vector layer from raster data but I see slivers (gap area) between my parks and roads layer. How can I overcome this problem? I planned to make a map with scale 1:5000.

enter image description here


The title of your question was misleading. Your issue is more probably about snapping, which is one of the several tools used for digitizing features.

Simply, enable snapping mode from Settings >> Snapping Options....

Then, try to use the Node Tool and the Move Feature(s) tools from the main QGIS window (they are activated once you have set the layer in editing mode):

enter image description here

These are only general rules and are necessary for starting the digitizing operation: if you need a more specific answer, please edit the question for adding more information or ask a new separate question if you encounter any problem after having applied these suggestions.

For more information, you may have a look at this paragraph from the QGIS Documentation.

  • @Yogi2296 You're welcome! Glad it helped. – mgri Jun 18 '17 at 19:48
  • another question.What is the function of avoid intersection ?? i am new in QGIS.i already tried using it for my park layer,but it seems nothing change @mgri – yogiwinardhana Jun 18 '17 at 20:23
  • @Yogi2296, I'm not sure, but Avoid intersections should only work when digitizing new features. It does not work at all with existing features. If I remember well, it allows to quickly digitize a new polygon without worrying about snapping exactly to the neighboring polygons. Maybe some test could solve your doubts :) – mgri Jun 18 '17 at 20:33

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