I am using Geoserver 2.11.1 with the vector tile extension to render data in mapbox-gl. I'm able to pull the vector tiles in no problem, but I also need to filter the data on the server side.

        map.addSource('testLayer', {
            "type": 'vector',
            "scheme": 'tms',
            "tiles": ["http://localhost:8080/geoserver/gwc/service/tms/1.0.0/dashboard%3Atest_layer@EPSG%3A900913@pbf/{z}/{x}/{y}.pbf"],

            "id": "testLayer",
            "type": "circle",
            "source": "testLayer",
            "source-layer": "test_layer",
            "paint": {
                "circle-color": "#3887be"
            'minzoom': 12

I've tried adding a cql filter as a parameter in the request, but it doesn't seem to work.


Is it possible to filter vector tile data is geoserver using this kind of tms request? If no, is there a way to use WMS request with cql filter for vector tiles?


As of GeoServer 2.11.1, nope. You can track this ticket: https://osgeo-org.atlassian.net/browse/GEOS-8065

  • Do you know if there is another way using a wms request? – Owen J Lamb Jun 19 '17 at 18:06
  • Nope, I don't think there is any other way. – Andrea Aime Jun 20 '17 at 18:08
  • It seems like the ticket as of 2.13 Version has been solved?! If so, how do we provide cql_filler? I tried adding parameter at the end, but the result doesn't changes. url + "@EPSG:900913@pbf/{z}/{x}/{-y}.pbf?CQL_FILTER=year=2012" – Dejan P. Sep 4 at 11:59

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