I'm trying to add an image to an Easy Button activated popup. I understand that anything within () after .setContent is html formatted, though anything I add other than text does not work. Also when I delete everything within the () and just add an image the entire map vanishes.


  var helloPopup = L.popup().setContent("<b>Portland Cycle Safety Map</b><br />This map is intended to bring dangerous intersections <br />and street segments to the attention of Portland area cyclists: this is a work in progress.<br />Each skull marks the location a cyclist has been killed by an automobile sometime between 2005 and 2017.");

L.easyButton('fa-crosshairs', function(btn, map){



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I have an example here that is working: https://github.com/gccgisteam/maps-website/blob/master/graffiti.html#L97

Here's the text used in the popup:

"<b>Location Description: </b>"+entry[2]+"<br>"+
"<b>Work Date: </b>"+entry[3]+"<br>"+
"<b>Graffiti Type: </b>"+entry[5]+"<br>"+
"<b>Graffiti Material: </b>"+entry[6]+"<br>"+
"<b>Image: </b><a href='"+entry[0]+"' target=\"_blank\">"+"<img src='"+entry[0]+"&previewImage=true'</img></a>"

You should be able to use just use somethign like this <img src='"+entry[0]+"&previewImage=true'</img>

  • It worked. Thanks. Now this is all html within a .js file, so if I want to style this particular popup, as opposed to the other pop ups, would I put style tags within the <img></img>? Commented Jun 23, 2017 at 17:31
  • Hey @EdwardCurran, you can style it like any other HTML element. Use an inline style, or a class to achieve it.
    – Alex Leith
    Commented Jun 24, 2017 at 0:18

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