I have some .tif raster and .shp mask, and I need to fill values in the raster, which are beyond the mask, with -999. How can I do this using QGIS?

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  1. Use the Clipper tool which you can find from the menubar:

    Raster > Extraction > Clipper

    And set the parameters using the mask layer:


    This should create an output of your raster within the mask layer and everything outside the mask layer should have a value of 0.

  1. Use the Raster Calculator on the output:

    Raster > Raster Calculator

    And use an expression like the following to change all 0 values (i.e. values outside your masked raster) to -999 whilst all values inside remain the same:

    (("Raster@1" != 0) * "Raster@1") + (("Raster@1" = 0) * -999)

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