At the moment I am working with a lot of Point data. The Point Data has X Y and Z Columns. I would like to convert this into line feature

Because there are multiply points in the line feature I would like to simplify the amount of vertices with in the line feature. So if a Potential Line had 26 Points I would make a step of 4 points per line feature taking an average of the Z values

See the image below of the point input and the desired output

I have looked at the points to line tool


But I cannot see a way of averaging out the interval.

It is possible for me to work to work out averages in another text input in python.

I was wondering if anyone had some ideas on the best method to use to get the desired output

enter image description here


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After Point To Line I would be thinking about Linear Referencing and linear events.

Linear referencing is the method of storing geographic locations by using relative positions along a measured linear feature. Distance measures are used to locate events along the line

Once you have determined an algorithm for the categories symbolized in the right hand map, I would expect that Python/ArcPy would be needed to perform the averaging.

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