I've created 1 script to perform 2 specific tasks but it not working correctly due to how the arcpy.env.workspace is set.

The first part of the script deletes and recreates the sub folders in "C:/EIS/SHP Files"

arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/EIS/SHP Files"

The second part of the script looks inside a particular sub folder in "C:/EIS/SHP Files/Master folder" and copies Pipe data back into the newly created folders

arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/EIS/SHP Files/Master Folder"

Problem: I can't reference 2 environments at once in a script. The script will give out an error message since it can't look in 2 paths at once. So how can we do this?

import sys
import platform
import imp
print "Importing arcpy... this may take a moment\n"
import arcpy
from arcpy import env

# Set workspace
arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/EIS/SHP Files"

# Creates the county folders
out_folder_path = "C:/EIS/SHP Files/"

# Set local variables
# List of folder values in load order
folderList = ["1","2","3","4","5"]

# Store all the folder names in a dictionary with the folder code as the  
# "key" and the folder description as the "value" (folderDict[code])
folderDict ={"1":"OH_ADAMS","2":"OH_ALLEN","3":"OH_ASHLAND","4":"OH_ASHTABULA","5":"OH_ATHENS"}

# Wayne Pipe
in_data_WayneMain =  "WayneMain.shp"
out_Geauga_WayneMain = "C:/EIS/SHP Files/OH_GEAUGA/WayneMain.shp"

# The Code below will utilize the [arcpy.CreateFolder_management] tool in 
# order to rebuild the directory for C:\EIS\SHP Files\.. County Folders

# Process: Add valid material types to the domain
# use a for loop to cycle through all the domain codes in the dictionary
for code in folderList:
    if arcpy.Exists(out_folder_path):
        arcpy.CreateFolder_management(out_folder_path, folderDict[code])

# The Code below will utilize the [arcpy.Copy_management] tool in order to   
# copy files from the C:\EIS\SHP Files\Master Folder to C:\EIS\SHP Files.. 
# County Folders

# Wayne Pipe (Copied) To => County Folders
arcpy.Copy_management(in_data_WayneMain, out_Geauga_WayneMain)

Reset your environment workspace as required:

workspace1 = "C:/EIS/SHP Files"
workspace2 = "C:/EIS/SHP Files/Master Folder"

arcpy.env.workspace = workspace1 
#Do the stuff that requires workspace1 as the environment workspace

arcpy.env.workspace = workspace2 
#Do the stuff that requires workspace2 as the environment workspace

arcpy.env.workspace = workspace1 
#Change it back to workspace1 if it's needed again.

Alternatively, use the workspace1 etc. variables instead of the environment settings to specify the relevant folders:

os.path.join(workspace1, in_data_WayneMain)

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