Below is a screen shot of my Layers Panel showing two Graduated Category layers. One set of category features (Change in Small Firms (2015-2010)) are accompanied by counts, while the other (Change in Small Firm Counts (2015-2000)) is not. The counts for the first show up in the Composer output, but not in the second. I'd like both legends to be similar, but I can't figure out how to add or remove the counts.

Layers Panel

  • In the example shown for the feature counts, is there a way to select the sum of the points in each category of a different field other than the feature count shown? I have point counts in my layer, but the categorized data is from a different field in the same layer. i want to see how many points fall in a given percentage of categorized polygons. Thanks! – dave Aug 11 '17 at 19:23

You may try a right click on your layer and then chose to Show Feature Count (green on figure):

qgis menu


Right-click the entry in the layer list and activate Show feature count. (Can be heavy on big datasets but yours doesn't seem an issue.)

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