I have a shapefile of about 100 streets and another one of all the districts within a city. Some of these streets run over multiple districts. In QGIS, I use the atlas tool to successively print maps of theses streets one by one.

A street running over two districts

How can I only display the labels for the districts under each individual street street in the atlas?

I tried doing this with rule based styling. I tried using the refFunctions pluging and other spatial operators in the field calculator.

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    You have tried rule labels: intersects ($ geometry, @atlas_geometry) = 1 to do on districts?
    – pigreco
    Jun 25, 2017 at 19:03

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Rule label and use the following formula   'Intersects ($ geometry, @atlas_geometry) = 1' to do on districts

You must have created the atlas to use @atlas_geometry enter image description here

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