I have the following problem and I am not sure how to fix it or if its a bug.

When setting an editor widget of a field to "External Resource" I can not access the widget from within the attribute table. When double clicking it, it shows the current path and the "..." button but I can't click on the button nor change the path manually (see the first screenshot). While accessing the same editor widget via the identify tool works fine (see the second screenshot).

Attribute Table with widget does not work

identify tool


Can I set the widget in some way so it works also while accessing it via attribute table or am I supposed to use the form in identify tool?

I am aware of the option, that I can set the view of the attribute table to "Form view" but this is not an option for my case.

Set up: Windows 10 64 bit with QGIS 2.14.15. I also checked that the "Editable" Checkmark is set.

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I figured out a workaround for my problem although is not a perfect fit.

What I do is:

  • In the options of the "External Resource" widget I disable the hyperlink option

Window for hyperlink

  • When working inside the attribute table I double click the field, click inside the text edit widget to get the focus and then click on the button with the "..." to choose my folder.
  • After finishing my edits I reenable the hyperlink option

This is obviously not a perfect solution so I would be glad someone can point me to a better one

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