I'm converting a thematic shapefile (polygons) into a raster file using the Rasterize-SAGA algorithm.

What criteria should I use to decide for [0] last, [1] first, [2] minimum, [3] maximum, [4] mean in Method of Multiple Values?

What does the algorithm consider in each option?


It depends on your target analysis. This option is for handling polygons overlapping each other.

[0] Last: the value of last polygon will be considered,
[1] First: the value of first polygon will be considered, 
[2] Minimum: the polygon with minimum value will be considered, 
[3] Maximum: the polygon with maximum value will be considered, and
[4] Mean: the average value of overlapping polygons will be considered.

After using rasterizing tool, check the output raster to confirm that this is the desired output compared to the input polygons.

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