I'm trying to understand if a Layer generate from the web in ArcGIS is a static snapshot, a proxy for the underlying API or maybe polls.

enter image description here

From here I can add from a WFS API or a CSV file. I could probably do either, but I do need the ArgGIS layer to stay in sync with changes I make to the underlying data.

Is this how it works, and if not, is it possible to proxy from something other than another Esri source?


I'm not sure this is 100% right, but I'll leave this here and if anyone comes with a more definitive answer, I'll remove it.

It looks like for most Web Layers you can Refresh the layer every 'x' minutes, see http://doc.arcgis.com/en/arcgis-online/create-maps/set-refresh-interval.htm

You can't do this for a WFS end-point. I tried and the option did not appear, and nor is it in the list of formats listed in the docs. So, it would appear that either you get a single snapshot, or the data is proxied via ArcGIS. I don't own the WFS end-point I was using, so I can't test it - but I'd bet it's proxied. (Warning: guesswork!)

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