I am adding map styles in L.control.layers like this:

        'Mapbox Light': L.mapbox.tileLayer('mapbox.light',{name:"base"}),
        'S_S': L.mapbox.styleLayer('mapbox://styles/geotrek/s***',{name:"F1"}).addTo(map),
        'S_F': L.mapbox.styleLayer('mapbox://styles/f****',{name:"F2"})
    }, null).addTo(map);

I can get the layer name on change

 map.on('baselayerchange', function(l){
        console.log("CONTROLS:", controls)

How can I get the current layer style name like S_F or S_S or Mapbox Light or options name on map CLICK event?

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You can use the Leaflet.ActiveLayers plugin to achieve that.

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