I'm using Leaflet API. I'm using the Leaflet Draw plugin to select areas on the map. I need to set up a bounding box using leaflet draw to send to GeoServer.

The problem is when I use the following code:

var coords = the_layer.getLatLngs()[0];

I get the coordinates back like this:

LatLng(43.13306, -112.71973),LatLng(45.02695, -112.71973),LatLng(45.02695, -106.3916),LatLng(43.13306, -106.3916)

I need them back in this format (minx,miny,maxx,maxy):


So I need all of the non-numeric characters (excluding the commas) removed. I also need all spaces removed.

Is this possible?

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Leaflet layers have methods to calculate a bounding box, and convert it to a string for sending to web services:

var coords = the_layer.getBounds().toBBoxString();

  • That's whacky. I swear i tried that and it said "toBBoxString() is not a funciton". That works now...Thanks!
    – MH7086
    Jul 3, 2017 at 16:51

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