I'm trying to add a tool that will give me the opportunity to change the source of a feature within my model. So this is what I figured out until this point.

I have a feature called: Pipelines - I make a selection were Type = “Gas Low Pressure” (for example) - from this selection there will be add a Feature layer (an otherwise it will not accept the symbology layer tool) - And with the given symbology there will be layers add to the mxd.

But now I have several new features and I want to replace the source of all those features back to the original source (featureclass) “pipeline”.

I cannot find standard tools as a solution within ArcMap.

Does anyone have any ideas?

enter image description here


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As i understand your question correctly, you could add your origin feature as a parameter again and set a precondition to the previous processes.

To set a precondition you use the blue-green-connected button and set Vorbedingung/Precondition with right-click.

enter image description here enter image description here

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