Would anybody be so kind enough to share their QGIS QML-File for the following OS VectorMap Local layers? SLD file formats would work as well. Alternativly, where do you buy your OS VML data from? The site I got mine don't have the files I need yet.

  • Boundary_Line

  • Building_Area

  • Building_Line

  • Building_Text

  • Countour_Line

  • Height_Point

  • Height_Text

  • Landform_Area

  • Landform_Line

  • Misc_Text

  • Point_Misc

  • Road_Line

  • Road_Text

  • RoadCLine

  • Settlement_Area

  • Settlement_Line

  • Vegetation_Area

  • Water_Area

  • Water_Line

  • Water_Point

  • Water_Text

  • Woodland_Area


OS provide all their Style sheets on github so for vector map local you have QML or SLD available for use with shapefiles or gml.

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