It is possible that a geometry column in a table of PostGIS has different SRIDs. I've used Find_SRID to get the SRID of this column but seems it only returns one value for SRID which is the first row. What is the reason?

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If column in your table has explicitly defined geometry type and srid, like:

CREATE TABLE geom_table (id serial, geom geometry(point,3857);

Your database will not allow to place there any other geometries than point in srid 3857... but you can also define table like this:

CREATE TABLE geom_table (id serial, geom geometry);

Than you can store there different geometries in different srids. You can use ST_GeometryType and ST_SRID to find out what is in this column:


SELECT DISTINCT ST_GeometryType(geom) FROM table;

Using the Find_SRID function will only return the SRID specified for this column. Only one value is defined so it returns only one row (see https://postgis.net/docs/Find_SRID.html).

If you want to get the SRID for every single geometry in your table try:

select st_srid(yourgeom) from yourtable;

or to get all the used srids only once:

select distinct st_srid(yourgeom) from yourtable;

But I think if you defined some SRID for your geometry column, PostGIS will only accept geometries with this SRID. So the last query will only return one SRID value.

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