When I use ArcScene 10.4 I can easily export 3D maps (VRML in *.wrl) which I then convert in FME to a *.prc file that can be imported in Adobe Acrobat PDF files (to create interactive 3D maps, readers can navigate, zoom, change colors, etc.)

However when I'm working with ArcGIS Pro, I can't find out how to do this. ArcGIS Pro works perfectly for visualizing 3D and it has many 3D tools and options, but the export of 3D features I haven't found (yet).

How do I export a 3D map from ArcGIS Pro?

(File types *.wrl, *.u3d or *.prc are all fine)

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I've found a useful work around right now that works in FME

As a reader select your .shp file from ArcGIS Pro.

First you need to transform the shape to an 3D generated environment (important to select the base_elev of your shape (as surface level))

The second transformer extrudes the polygons by their approx_hei (the z-value in meters in your attribute table)

As a writer select a .prc writer (you need .prc for Adobe Acrobat Pro to generate 3D viewers) FME Workflow, ArcGIS Pro to 3D file (.prc for PDF)

(Note: the names in my FME are not perfect)


In ArcGIS Ideas there is an enhancement requested to Support Export of 3D PDF out of ArcGIS Pro which sounds like the requirement that you are trying to meet.

Consequently, it would appear that exporting to 3D PDF cannot be done by ArcGIS Pro 2.0 or earlier.

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