ArcGIS 10.1 with VB2010 I am using the GxDialog to get the users option to save a feature class. The target can be a shapefile, geodatabase, or Dataset inside a geodatabase. I can’t wrap my head around how I am supposed to parse the Workspace, FeatureDataset, and FeatureClass name to use in creating the feature class.

So far I have

    'setup the save dialog
    Dim pGxDialog As IGxDialog = New GxDialog
    Dim pGxObjFilterSh As IGxObjectFilter = New GxFilterShapefiles          'shapefiles
    Dim pGxObjFilterPg As IGxObjectFilter = New GxFilterPGDBFeatureClasses  'personal geodb (Access db)
    'Dim pGxObjFilterFg As IGxObjectFilter = New GxFilterFGDBFeatureClasses  'file geodb (ESRI db)
    Dim pGxObjectFilterCollection As IGxObjectFilterCollection = CType(pGxDialog, IGxObjectFilterCollection)
    pGxObjectFilterCollection.AddFilter(pGxObjFilterSh, True)
    pGxObjectFilterCollection.AddFilter(pGxObjFilterPg, False) 'this one actually contains both file and personal geodb feature classes
    'pGxObjectFilterCollection.AddFilter(pGxObjFilterFg, False)

    'get the users selection (it can be a shapefile or a geodb). Catalog paths consist of two parts: the workspace and the base name.
    If pGxDialog.DoModalSave(MyApp.hWnd) Then
        Dim catalogPath As String = My.Computer.FileSystem.CombinePath(pGxDialog.FinalLocation.FullName, pGxDialog.Name)
        Dim workspaceCategory As String = pGxDialog.FinalLocation.Category
        Debug.Print(String.Format("catalogPath={0}, workspaceCategory={1}", catalogPath, workspaceCategory))
        Debug.Print("ClassID={0}", pGxDialog.FinalLocation.ClassID)

        'I can use the workspaceCategory to get the target type. But how do I split out either the entire string path or
        'the pGxDialog to create a Workspace object. How do I set up the objects to allow a Feature Dataset?
  Select Case workspaceCategory
      Case "Personal Geodatabase", "Personal Geodatabase Feature Dataset"
          'personal geodb (Access database C:\myData\mypGDB.mdb)
          wkspFactory = New AccessWorkspaceFactory
          pCLSID.Value = "esriGeodatabase.Feature"
      Case "File Geodatabase", "File Geodatabase Feature Dataset"
          'file geodb (File database C:\myData\myfGDB.gdb)
          wkspFactory = New FileGDBWorkspaceFactory
          pCLSID.Value = "esriGeodatabase.Feature"
      Case "Folder"
          'shapefile (c:\mydata\)
          wkspFactory = New ShapefileWorkspaceFactory
          pCLSID.Value = "esriCore.Feature"
      Case Else
          Throw New Exception("Unsupported workspace category: " & workspaceCategory)
  End Select
    End If
  • There's a bit of code gis.stackexchange.com/questions/246467/… that contains a working DoModalSave in the first part of the code, that may help you a little bit. – Michael Stimson Jul 7 '17 at 1:52
  • Thanks for the tip. That code basically gets the catalogPath using IGxObject which you can get from the GxDialog itself. let me look if anything else is exposed through IGxObject. – sinDizzy Jul 7 '17 at 15:03

I've used this to open a workspace before. this only does File GDBs and Shapefiles though, I haven't worked with Access DBs before. Check out here to get an idea of what other things IGxObject can potentially represent.

private void GetWorkspace()
    IEnumGxObject pEnumGxObj = null;
    IGxDialog pGxDialog = new GxDialog();
    IGxObjectFilter pGxObjFilter = new GxFilterContainers();
    pGxDialog.AllowMultiSelect = false;
    pGxDialog.ObjectFilter = pGxObjFilter;
    pGxDialog.Title = "Select Workspace";
    pGxDialog.ButtonCaption = "Open";

    if (pGxDialog.DoModalOpen(0, out pEnumGxObj))
        IGxObject gxObj = pEnumGxObj.Next();
        IWorkspace ws = null;

        if (gxObj is IGxDatabase)
            IGxDatabase pGxDatabase = gxObj as IGxDatabase;

            ws = pGxDatabase.Workspace;
        else if (gxObj is IGxFolder)
            IGxFolder gxFolder = gxObj as IGxFolder;
            IGxFile file = gxFolder as IGxFile;
            IWorkspaceFactory wsf = new ShapefileWorkspaceFactory();
            ws = wsf.OpenFromFile(file.Path, 0);
  • That's for DoModalOpen. I am using DoModalSave. However I think I can use DoModalOpen since its just a dialog. – sinDizzy Jul 6 '17 at 22:51
  • Access databases (personal GDB) are very similar to file GDB, a major difference is in creating a workspace object via an IWorkspaceFactory (= new AccessWorkspaceFactory()), after that there isn't much difference in the methods; the pGDB only supports one level of spatial index but fGDB supports 3. There is a difference between open and save, the object exists with open, properties can be gained for it, I vaguely recall the IGxObject on save has a workspace and name but don't recall if the feature dataset is in it or not. Try debug, break on the first line after save and look at the values. – Michael Stimson Jul 7 '17 at 1:45
  • Thank you. I have all the code for creating workspaces for various types of feature classes. I think I am good there. I just don't see how I get all the parameters needed from GxDialog.DoModalSave. I just tested and can't use DoModalOpen since that requires an existing feature class. For my purposes the user is creating a brand new feature class. – sinDizzy Jul 7 '17 at 14:57
  • @sinDizzy Did you ever get this sorted? – Barbarossa Oct 5 '18 at 14:01
  • Not really. I instead opted to not let the user type in their final location. I instead force them to browse to it. – sinDizzy Oct 7 '18 at 22:40

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