I am new to QGIS and would like to convert some GeoTiff images to KML/KMZ for distribution to non-GIS users to look at in Google Earth. I have recently left the Windows OS and I am running QGIS in Linux-Ubuntu. I have not yet successfully installed GE Pro on this OS. In the past I would have used Arc, Global Mapper, or GE Pro to do this.

Can someone point me to a work around?

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You can generate KML SuperOverlay KML that points to folder of tiles or KMZ file with GDAL2TILES.py that comes with GDAL. Even better, you can use GDAL2TILES_Parallel.py Commercial Software can also do this such as Global Mapper, Map Tiler and others

If you have WMS or TMS/XYZ Tile Server you can also generate KML via MapProxy

Google Earth Pro (which is free) can work with Tiff. It can also load WMS

QGIS raster GeoTIFF file covert to kml?

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