I have a RGB raster layer (3 bands) in a File Geodatabase in ArcGIS. I export this layer to TIFF and then import that in QGIS. The problem is that QGIS shows a different (darker) view than ArcGIS. I checked raster style and all bands are correctly set to Red-Green-Blue.
What can i do in QGIS to solve this?

What i see in ArcGIS: !(arcgis view)

what i see in QGIS: qgis view


Open Layer Properties | Style tab, then you may see the default setting for the Contrast enhancement being [No enhancement] . If it is the case please change it to [Stretch to MinMax] and click on [Load] button.

enter image description here

You can adjust the contrast and observe its effect by clicking on [Apply]. When you are satisfied with the appearance of the layer, [OK] to close.

This is required only once. When you close your project or remove the layer from your Layers panel, QGIS will automatically saves a supporting file ~.aux.xml in the same place with your original image. Next time when you open your image again, QGIS will also read the ~.aux.xml file to display the image as you have set it previously.

  • Thanks man. It works. Anyway, exported TIFF from ArcGIS contains aux.xml file and i don't know why QGIS deos not pay attention to that when importing.
    – ALalavi
    Jul 15 '17 at 8:29
  • Correction: As i understand, when removing layer, QGIS saves style in a *.qml file, not to *.aux.xml file.
    – ALalavi
    Jul 15 '17 at 9:46

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