I am trying to use difference tool in QGIS to get a mask out the ice coverage from a base vector map. The number of features in ice coverage is around 2000 while my base map has 237 features. I am using

I tried using difference tool to do it but it got unresponsive and stuck at 79%.

I also tried gdifference function to do it in R. But, it doesn't create spatialpolygondataframe but a spatialpolygon when I tried a difference of subset of my vector layer.

I am now trying to do it using a batch process in QGIS differencing 200 features at once. However, it seems to be taking a very long time. The time taken increases with every consequent batch process. Considering that I have to further mask out other layers also, it will probably take a very long time like this. Is there any other (faster) way to do this?

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