According to the plugin Indexed Vector Grid which builds a polygon raster from shape bounds and name every cell as "A1, A2, A3 ...", I need a more advance solution, which I can use for hundreds of maps. I'm working with a PostGIS database and would like to have a (fast) SQL solution for that issue.

The final result should look like this:

The final result should look like this:

For every overview (bounding box of a city), I need a grid of 6x6 cells.

The table ('ov_boxes') of my bounding boxes looks like that:

table of my bounding boxes

Is there a SQL solution possible? Or do I have to go the python way?


There are some posts around that mention functions for so-called fishnets. For instance: How to create a regular polygon grid in PostGIS?

With that function you could do something like: SELECT name, scale, id_qgis, (ST_CreateFishnet(6,6,width/6,height/6)).* FROM boundingboxes You output would have numbers for columns and rows which you can easily translate into something like A1


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