Is there a way to load Plugins From a local Source rather than using the Official Repository. As the authority I work for do not allow QGIS to go past their firewall.


Option 1:

is to create your own plugins repository. There is documentation about it https://gis.stackexchange.com/a/135896/49538

and here is a full example, link and that your colleagues add that repository to QGIS on your PCs.

Another option

It is to distribute a zip directly to your colleagues and decompress it where Qgis takes the plugins. .qgis2\python\plugins

Or as @LaughU says, you can have a shared space and have each colleague have it synchronized with your local QGIS installation.

In the QGIS 3 version, you can directly import a plugin from a zip, without having to copy it manually.

Hope this helps.

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