I'm in the midst of aligning century-old maps (of Paris) to vector data of the modern same: Qgis' Georeferencer tool works fine, but doing the entire city that way is a gargantuan task. Paris hasn't changed much over the past century, and there is some lens distortion at the edges of the photo of a paper map that is torn in some places, but in all, the raster maps match the present city layout (vector) to ~85%.

I was wondering if anyone has heard of a tool or method that can match 'detected lines' in raster to vector coordinates... I can imagine a first step would be to 'rough align' the maps to vector using Georeferencer, but it's the 'fine tuning' that is most problematic and time-consuming.

vector data in bright red; this is the post-alignment result.

  • I think that depending on your goal there must be many ways to do the job. I guess that what you want is to see some raster data over you polygones. Did you try to interpolate your raster to a very small resolution and then use rater to polygone, etc ? – César Arquero Nov 20 '17 at 11:25

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