I need to make several different SVG icons in the same size. I am using a list with numbered SVG from 1 to 262:

enter image description here

The obvious way is to make a different layer for each SVG.

I have tried to change the SVG icon from the Layer Styling bar, but whatever I did I only get the same SVG over and over again

enter image description here

Is there a way to use different SVG with one layer?

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You always get the same symbol because you used a Single symbol renderer, so it will render all the features with the same SVG icon.

Instead, you may try to use a Categorized renderer (assuming that you have stored the Country's name in a field, otherwise it should be very easy to do it as a preliminary operation). Once you have set a field for the categorization, you will be able to assign a custom SVG icon to each category.

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