I have a arcpy script to reconcile and post edits from 1 child to 1 parent 9the parent is not the default version). my code:

import arcpy

print "Preparing to begin Water Version Reconile and POST..."

workspace = r"C:\Users\path\to\my\GDB.sde"
arcpy.env.workspace = workspace
childVer = "sde.child_version"
parentVer = "sde.parent_version"
print 'Creating list of Database versions to work on...'

arcpy.ReconcileVersions_management(workspace, "BLOCKING_VERSIONS",     parentVer, childVer, "LOCK_ACQUIRED", "NO_ABORT", "BY_OBJECT",     "FAVOR_EDIT_VERSION", "POST", "KEEP_VERSION", "c:/temp/reconcilelog.txt")

And the error I receive:

File "C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.4\ArcPy\arcpy\management.py", line 16614, in ReconcileVersions raise e ExecuteError: ERROR 000301: The workspace is of the wrong type Failed to execute (ReconcileVersions).

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I found out what was causing my error.

The 2 versions I am working with (parent and child) were created by another user of the SDE(not admin).

This caused the version names to be formatted differently rather than the norm "sde.version_name". In this case part of the version name is formatted as follows "domain\username".version_name so since this is a string parameter you must enter it as: '"domain\username".version_name'

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I encountered this error when attempting to use arcpy to run the arcpy.ReconcileVersions_management geoprocessing tool. The Esri sample script states "SDE.Default" for the Target Version parameter, but in order for the script to work I needed to capitalize the parameter as "SDE.DEFAULT". The was the only change I needed to make in order for the process to complete successfully.

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