I want to find a way to run a tool's UI using arcpy. I know that I can use this code to execute buffer tool

import arcpy

roads = "c:/base/data.gdb/roads"
output = "c:/base/data.gdb/roads_Buffer"

# Run Buffer using the variables set above and pass the remaining 
# parameters in as strings
arcpy.Buffer_analysis(roads, output, "distance", "FULL", "ROUND", "NONE")

This code executes the buffer itself, but I want just display buffer UI just like when we click on buffer. Is there any way to do it?


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To give a short answer, after Majid confirms my assumption, you can use Python-Addins to call a tool by a button-click-event.

import pythonaddins
#...skipping more code
def onClick(self):          
    pythonaddins.GPToolDialog(toolPath, "ToolNameFromToolbox")

I'm referring to this Post on ESRI's geonet platform: https://geonet.esri.com/thread/74093 and used this in my own addins.


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