Is it possible to load borehole csv data that contains x, y, z coordinates into QGIS and create cross sections of the strata? It is data along a rail line so a DEM is not suitable. Just a 2D cross section would be fine.

I have looked through the similar question threads but the problem was never properly answered.

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It sounds like you want more of a tutorial than a stack exchange-style answer to a specific question. A quick google of the phrase "cross-section of three-dimensional raster qgis" should lead you to a number of tutorials, such as these:



  • Yes i came across that guide in my own google searches but felt it wasnt quite what i was after. I have borehole data not a surface map. Il see what i can get out of it though, it mentiones a section tool which could be helpful.
    – LeeGeo
    Jul 23, 2017 at 19:22

If you're willing to go outside of QGIS for this task you could give a piece of software called Groundhog Desktop a try. This is something I've been working on at the British Geological Survey which deals with borehole data and cross-section drawing. It's free to use and in Beta form at the moment.

Groundhog Desktop

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