I have digitized some shapefiles (polygons) in QGIS. Some polygons have the CRS 5678 DHDN 3-Degree Gauss Kruger Zone 4 E-N and the rest have the CRS 4326 WGS84. The Project coordinate system is also 5678 DHDN 3-Degree Gauss Kruger Zone 4 E-N.

But I don't know why they match on the map.


Then I load the shapefiles into ArcGIS and because of the different coordinate systems they don't match there. I have tried anything (project, transform, reproject) and Google can't help me but I need the shapefiles to match in ArcGIS.


Can anybody help me?

  • Do you have automatic reprojection on QGIS? – nmtoken Jul 21 '17 at 16:38
  • Automatic reprojection ("On-the-fly-reprojection") is set by default in QGIS if you have layers with different CRS. I suspect that Arcgis needs the proper DHDN to WGS84 datum shift. – AndreJ Jul 21 '17 at 17:30

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