I am trying to create a temporary layer in a script but I can't get the attributes defined:

# create layer
    vl = QgsVectorLayer("Points", name, "memory")
    vl.addAttribute(QgsField('name', 10))

    print [f.name() for f in vl.pendingFields()]

prints []

Clearly I am missing something

I am working off code from replacement-of-qvariant-and-setattributemap-in-pyqgis


You are missing a couple important lines of code and the syntax is slightly off, try:

vl = QgsVectorLayer("Point", name, "memory") # removed "s" on Points
pr = vl.dataProvider() # need to create a data provider
pr.addAttributes([QgsField("name",  QVariant.Int)]) # define/add field data type
vl.updateFields() # tell the vector layer to fetch changes from the provider
  • Ah! you add the attributes to the provider not the layer, that's what I had confused. I miscopied the example and no amount of staring at the code helped. Clearly layer also has a addAttributes method! – Russell Fulton Jul 24 '17 at 2:16

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