I want to create an elevation model in EPSG 4326 from 2 shapefiles [img0] : elevation lines [Altimetria linee Antrodoco] and elevation points [Altimetria punti Antrodoco], both obtained by the District Maps database of Lazio. img0 However I encounter several errors and/or weird rasters as a result, depending on my Interpolation settings:

a) if I choose both Points and Lines as Input [img 1 in the link above] and set them as Structure lines and Points respectively, I get minidump error [img 2], no matters the cellsize or columns values.

b) if I choose both Points and Lines as Input [img 3], and set both of them as Points, I do not get errors, but I get alwais messy/weird lines, that do not seem to follow the elevation lines at all [img4]. This happens also with clipped shapefiles.

c) all in all, whenever I choose points or lines, as soon as I change the cellsize to get 5 (project unit is meters), the rank and columns change to 0. [img 5] Only with values inferior to 0.00x I get positive ranks and columns value [img 6], independently from the size of the layer.

Since I'm a beginner, I believe there are probably many errors and issues braided together. What is the first/main problem in my procedure?

I can't add more than two links, so I put all the images in the first gdrive folder.

  • I have experienced similar problems with that plugin (never really understood the problem). Try to interpolate using GRASS or SAGA from the Processing toolbox
    – Vale
    Jul 24, 2017 at 13:30

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I have tried the same tool and it crashes in my case as well. After some Google use I found out that it crashes because the data is too complex(too many vectors). Searching for alternative solution found the Delaunay triangulation tool, which allows only one parameter per turn and it's not eactly what you are looking for.
Your data is correct if you were wondering about it. I managed to create your TIN in ArcMap without any issues.

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