I am trying to use the Map of Global Ecological Land Units – An Ecophysiographic Stratification Approach (2014) in QGIS. I downloaded the World ELU 2015.zip from https://rmgsc.cr.usgs.gov/outgoing/ecosystems/Global/

I am able to add the tif to the map and partially visualize the ELU with the default style classification QGIS (2.18.8) using grayscale pseudocolor.

ESRI has published a white paper with guidelines on on how to use the ELU on desktop but of course the explanation is ArcGIS and ArcGIS online based. https://blogs.esri.com/esri/esri-insider/2016/04/06/updated-map-features-global-ecology-in-unprecedented-detail/

I never used raster data before.

So my question is on how can I: 1)obtain the information of dataset in QGIS (beyond just the image and pixel values by clicking on it), and 2)bring the ELU-ESRI color scheme to my QGIS map project

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