I wrote a toy plugin for QGIS-3 (2.99 Ubuntu 16.04), which worked for quite a while. But after a recent upgrade, the plugin disappeared from the QGIS toolbar while the rest of QGIS seem to be working fine.

I have checked that the ~/.qgis3/python/plugins/ folder is still present. I tried to use pb_tool deploy to re-install the plugin. But the plugin still wouldn't show in the toolbar.

Does someone know what could have gone wrong?


Perhaps the qgis3 data folder has been moved to a different place with the upgrade of nightly versions?

With a freshly installed QGIS2.99 (revision dcec6bb), the trusted pluginbuilder3 plugin seems to install to ~/.local/share/QGIS/QGIS3/profiles/default/python/plugins/pluginbuilder3/ instead of ~/.qgis3/...

So, the plugin should be copied to:


You can similarly install and locate a well-known plugin to find out the right folder for your machine.

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