I've been trying to geocode addresses using MMQGIS. In each case, the .shp file has a point over where the name of the city is located on the Google Maps OpenLayers map, instead of at the location of the address.

I fed the program a csv file with the following addresses:

Address City    State

6 Dorset Ct East Brunswick  NJ
702 Washington Dr   Ramsey  NJ
293 Washington Ave  Brooklyn    NY
1400 Laurel Ave Minneapolis MN

Here is the MMQGIS window: enter image description here

  • i see the MMQGIS dialogue reading the column names, but the addresses you've posted don't look like CSV, rather Tab separated... is that the case? Commented Jul 26, 2017 at 21:01

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You need to separate the CSV file using a comma with the correct position for separating Address, City, and State.

Address, City,    State

6 Dorset Ct, East Brunswick,  NJ
702 Washington Dr,   Ramsey,  NJ
293 Washington Ave,  Brooklyn,    NY
1400 Laurel Ave, Minneapolis, MN 

then you can use MMQGIS to input the CSV file correctly, and use Google Web Service to give you the address.

Here is the output of the first address:

enter image description here

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