Is it possible to simulate right or left mouse button clicks on a QGIS map canvas. Currently writing tests for a plugin and need to be able to create a line geometry thorough the use of theses buttons.

Have been trying...

QTest.mouseClick(canvas, Qt.RightButton, pos=QPoint(1200,500), delay=1000)  
  • ...and then? What happens if you try this? – Jochen Schwarze Jul 28 '17 at 5:16
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Perhaps this related post might help: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16299779/qt-qgraphicsview-unit-testing-how-to-keep-the-mouse-in-a-pressed-state

It seems you have to pass the mapCanvasses viewport to the QTest like

widget = iface.mapCanvas().viewport()
QTest.mouseClick(widget, Qt.RightButton, pos=QPoint(1200,500), delay=1000)

I just tried this, and it works (QGIS, select 'Select Features by area or single click' Tool), note the selected parcel:

enter image description here

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