When using the movement.pathmetrics tool in GME, I get an out put table of turn angle and bearing. Can someone clarify as to what the difference between the turn angle and the bearing field is?


As it is described in the documentation,

This tool calculates turn angles, step lengths, bearings, and time intervals for a point time series dataset. The turn angle is based on the point sequence p(t-1), p(t), p(t+1); the step lengths, bearings and time intervals are based on the sequence p(t), p(t+1). Thus, a NoData value (-999) will be written for the first and last turn angles in a point series, and for the last step length, bearing and time interval records. These NoData values should obviously not be included in subsequent analyses.

In other words, the turn angle, is essentially, the angle between path segments (sometimes referred to as sweep angle) and the bearing is the direction of the segment.

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