How to create a centerline(vector data) from two parallel polylines(vector data) in Qgis?

(Example:If distance between two parallel lines are 14m, then I want to create a centerline at 7m from both lines)

  • @PolyGeo Tried it in ArcGis and suceeded! Not tried in Qgis – Sarath SRK Aug 2 '17 at 13:34

GRASS has an add-on called v.centerline. Grass add-ons are a bit different to QGIS plugins. To get GRASS add-ons working in QGIS see How do I get grass plugin working in QGIS for Windows? or search this site further for more info as 'how to install QGIS add-pns in QGIS' has been asked here a few times from memory.

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