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I need to select the largest feature within another feature using Arcmap 10.3.

I have two sets of data, building footprints and land parcels. Generally there is a many to one relationship where there are many building footprints within one land parcel.

I would like to select the building footprint with the largest floor area in each land parcel. Resulting in a one to one relationship.

As I am working with 7000 building footprints and 5000 land parcels, I would like to find a way to automate this however I do not have a lot of knowledge on scripting. I can use ModelBuilder.

Below is an example of the data. Building footprint pink and land parcels black:

Building footprints and landparcels

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As suggested by @PolyGeo, you could union or intersect the building footprints to the land parcels. I think an intersect would probably work best here. That will add the attributes of the land parcels to the building footprints. Then, run summary statistics on the result and set your statistic to MAX on the footprint area field and your case field is your unique identifier for each parcel. This will result in a table with the largest footprint per parcel.

It is possible that the building footprints cross parcel boundaries. You will have to account for those somehow. Perhaps a spatial join may give you better results than the intersect.

This is a fairly simple workflow and can easily be implemented in ModelBuilder.

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