When I export my compiled map from QGIS to JPEG or PDF the fill pattern becomes solid rather than diagonal lines. I am exporting at 600dpi when to JPEG. But it is clear that the diagonal lines are still in the image but just highly condensed creating the appearance of a solid polygon feature. Which suggests to me that I am missing some export scale setting somewhere?

Also the point class features appears less clear in the exported image below.

Below is a screenshot of the map in composer:

This is a screen capture of the image in composer note the visible diagonal lines and clearly defined point features

When I Export the map to either JPEG or PDF the following is the result - note the change from a diagonal fill to a solid and reduced point feature clarity:

Note the lack of Diagonal lines and less clear point features

This is not a major problem but the idea is exporting the map that I spent a few hours compiling rather than a slightly different variant of the map.

I hope that it is a simple setting somewhere that I am unaware of that is condensing the fill pattern when exporting -- I am no GIS expert.

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For me it worked if you set the type of filling from Simple to Line Pattern Fill and the distance within the Pattern to Milimeter:

enter image description here

  • Aleho that worked perfectly. I just had to add another simple fill element to allow for a border around my polygon.
    – J.Pereira
    Aug 6, 2017 at 3:53

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