I am rendering a vector line in the browser using mapbox-gl. The layer is being served using GeoServer as a pbf vector tile.

The rendering issue is happening at most zoom levels and it is happening on the tile borders (when I load a raster layer, the tiles 'seams' are at the exact same spot as the vector rendering issue (image below)).

enter image description here

The Mapbox-gl source definition:

  var vectorLayerSource = GEOSERVERURL + 
    '/geoserver/gwc/service/tms/1.0.0/' +
    myLayerName +
    '@EPSG%3A900913' +

  // Vector source
  map.addSource('projectVectorSource', {
    'type': 'vector',
    'scheme': 'tms',
    'tiles': [vectorLayerSource]

When I render the exact same layer in Mapbox-gl as a geoJSON the issues does not exist.

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