I have stream channel cross profiles of a small stream, as well as water depth data from dive loggers we installed the beginning of summer. There is only one dive logger in the stream. I am trying to graphically represent the change in water depth over time within the channel cross section profiles we measured, but I am having difficulty in going about it. I thought using Hec-Ras would be a good start, but being unfamiliar with the program I've become stuck.

How do I go about representing this data?

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  • I'm not familiar with the term "dive logger", but I'm assuming it's a device to measure the water surface elevation. Please correct me if I'm wrong. In general HEC-RAS is best used for predicting water surface elevations, not displaying measured water surface elevations, so I don't think it's the most appropriate tool for you. Typically water surface elevation data over time is represented in a graph, not a cross section. Could you clarify what you'd like to represent? – Scott La Vanne Aug 3 '17 at 20:36