Good morning, does anyone know of a document that explains the distortion on the edges of some planetscope images? Do you know why this happens?

enter image description here


This is an effect you can see on older Planet imagery known as vignetting. Fortunately, this only affected older sensors with the classification of PS0 and PS1, whereas all newer satellites (roughly mid-2015 onwards) are PS2.

You can filter for newer satellite imagery only by using API filters on the instrument field in the metadata, looking for the PS2 designation.

Here's an example of PS2 metadata: https://api.planet.com/data/v1/item-types/PSScene3Band/items/20160828_172140_0e30.

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  • I would add that the _udm.tif files for PS0 and PS1 analytic scenes include masking for the corner areas. The visual products have an alpha band representing this distinction (transparent in the corners) which gives a visually unique rounded effect. The issues in the image corners are because the telescope is essentially imaging the sides of the telescope tube in the corners. – Frank Warmerdam Aug 4 '17 at 2:59

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